I’m a Woman//About

Every day I gift myself freedom. The freedom of allowing myself to be what I want. Every human being deserves the dignity and respect that freedom brings. I wish to dedicate this online space, woman.is, to bringing freedom to women through the simple act of accepting who we are and to help others see us in all our natural beauty, perfection, and imperfections. As Richard Powell says, “Accepting the world as imperfect, unfinished, and transient, and then going deeper and celebrating that reality, is something not unlike freedom.”The classical Western notion of beauty is something that is perfect, enduring, and monumental. Life is quite contrary to this notion. Women and men are imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. This makes us human and beautiful in our own right. Everything starts in our minds and once we picture a different reality, we will also start seeing that difference in the world around us.
As a woman, I feel uncomfortable being judged by obsolete parameters. As a photographer, I find the idea of abandoning “perfect” and even “good enough” irresistibly tempting.
I want to bring every reader along on this journey of re-discovery in what it means to be a woman, while embracing the beauty of redefining who we are.
Freedom from habit or formula. Escape from routine and the ordinary. Otherworldly .Transcending the conventional. An appreciation for being alive.
These principles are inspired by the Zen aesthetics for gardens and are the guiding principles I’m using to describe women through pictures. They describe the feeling of surprise and a bit of amazement when we realize we can have freedom outside of one dimensional judgment.

This collection has been created over the last 10 years. It’s an ongoing project where I wish to capture all the possible multi-dimensions of women, with the intent of providing a more complete definition of who we are. By browsing hundreds of pictures in one minute, I want to bring back to life the feelings of getting old, being naked, scared, curious, unaware, determined, and the entire spectrum that defines being a woman.

These photos won’t carry any information about the location, situation, or identity of the person in order to let your imagination flow and explore different perspectives of women.

If you wish to be part of this project or wish to gift to a woman the opportunity of being portrayed in a way that captures her beautiful reality, you can sign up here and during the coming year I’ll take on the challenge of trying to meet you.

In case you want to drop me a note, you can reach me here.

Thanks to all the beautiful women who are already part of it,